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A platform rebirthed by Shakira Hamblin, an entrepreneur, qualified and experience Producer and Creative Director in Live Events and Television Production. Managing Director of Intimate Kreations Ltd. the official partner and production company of Miss Barbados UK™ and Mr Barbados UK™, a company which specialises in live events and television production.


Shakira and Telita the dynamic duo behind the brand, had a mission to develop a platform for young ladies ages 18 – 30 of Barbadian citizenship or decent within the United Kingdom to raise awareness on the culture and history, cherishing the opportunity of being Barbadians by either descent or birth themselves.


Each delegate will take part in an intensive 4-month training and educational programme, tailored and executed by experienced and qualified industry professionals. Throughout each season our delegates become a part of the Through Their Eyes exhibition charity event, through enrolment of the Beauty With A Passion Project.

This year there will be 5 pieces of artwork which will be on virtual display from Tuesday 12th February 2019 to Saturday 30th March 2019 and auctioned via online bidding from 18th to 30th March 2019. All funds raised will go towards the Barbados Cancer Support Services and Save Foundation Barbados, too assist towards their highest needs.


Our aim was for the Miss Barbados UK 2019 delegates, is to understand the wounds such situations can cause and express their true feelings without having to say it in words. Often many forget that hearing the news "I’m sorry…but you have cancer" or "I wish she left before he killed her" does not only affect that individual but all those who surround their daily life and support them through every step.

These programmes are designed to prep each delegate for the crowning of Miss Barbados UK, preparing them not just for a future as queen but for daily life experiences.


The Journey

The Miss Barbados UK's pageant is consisted of an eventful journey. Delegates will first go through the application process, where the top 15 will be chosen to take part in the Semi-Finals.


Once you have become a successful delegate of the MBUK final 8, the delegates are invited to the official MBUK Induction Day.


This is when your journey will begin with an intense line up of occasions that would consist of:


  • The Official MBUK Beauty Shoot

  • The Official Creative Wear Photo Shoot

  • Bajan Chef Queen

  • Heritage Quiz

  • Talent

  • Workshops

  • Weekly dance & training rehearsals

  • Fitness

  • Delegate & Team Fun Day

  • Charity volunteering with Through Their Eyes

  • Event Appearances

  • Pre-Judging Segments and much more.

Our Elements

Charity - Beauty With A Passion

Miss Barbados UK's Beauty with a Passion Project is in conjunction with Through Their Eyes exhibition. An event designed to help raise funds for charity, which usually changes its support charity each year. Supporting and donating to charities and non-profit organisations in Barbados like The Barbados Cancer Support Services, The St. Michael District Hospital, The Albert Cecil Graham Children's Development Centre and Save Foundation.


Each year the team designs unique projects to help attract many to bring attention to the brand and the purpose it serves. Through Their Eyes mainly focuses on promoting art and fashion through an exhibition and fashion show, where the pieces are then auctioned off to raise funds for the selected charity or organisation. 


For 2019, the Beauty with a Passion theme is 'Through Their Eyes 2019 Campaign' which will support platforms in Barbados, which aims to create a more sustainable environment.


The Miss Barbados UK team works with industry professionals to create and tailor a programme to educate the delegates about skincare, healthy eating and looking after ones-self.


The aim is to make each delegate aware that beauty is not just the physical appearance but to feel great within yourself and master self love. These goals can not be achieved without looking at ourselves in the right way and this is why the MBUK team works intensely to tailor the right programme for each season.


MBUK is not only about Physical Beauty on the outside, but Beauty on the inside. As the delegates embark on their journey, they will be continuously learning about their culture, themselves and helping others. So why not be rewarded for your hard-work? 


MBUK works with industry professionals and members of the Barbados High Commission to create and tailor a programme to challenge the delegates in all aspects of their journey. The delegates are then rewarded for their participation and successfully completing a programme.


MBUK mission is to educate each delegate on our History and Culture. The purpose of the pageant is that you leave knowing much more about Barbados, and are able to share your inheritance with others that may want to learn about it, or do not know anything about it.


During your journey with the MBUK team you will learn many things about our culture. For 2019, the delegates learned how to make the National Dish of Barbados, as well as conducting their own research on topics given and embracing their title which represents a cultural aspect. Each season is different, so be sure to be on your feet for what is next to come. 

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