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When will the finals take place?

The Miss Barbados UK 2020 finals will take on Saturday 2nd May.

Where will the finals take place?

Our 2020 host venue will be announced in January.

When will tickets go on sale?

Tickets for the Miss Barbados UK 2020 will be available to purchase from January 2020. 

How can I become a sponsor?

You can become a sponsor by contacting us here

When will I know I have made it to the semi-finals?

A member of the Miss Barbados UK team will send you a confirmation email to let you know if you have made the cut.

When will I know I have made it

to the finals?

At the semi-finals event, after judging, the top 8 delegates and 2 reserves will be chosen.

How can I apply to be a part of the entertainment line up?

Contact us here to make your query.

Is there an application fee?

  No, there is not.

I have no previous experience,

will that affect my application?

No it will not, no experience in this industry is necessary as training will be provided.

What will I get for competing

in the finals?

Each year prizes change based on our sponsors; however, Intimate Kreations does not make promises or commitments to what a delegate will receive for a winning category unless it is in hand. 

Can I compete more than once?

Any delegate who has not made the top 3 in the MBUK finals may compete again.

Will my travel be covered for my journey in MBUK?

Intimate Kreations or any MBUK team member is NOT liable for anyone's travel expenses for rehearsals, workshops or appearances.